Horta Boa Vista


Horta Boa Vista also has a foundation that aims to make the Island of São Nicolau self-sufficient in food and energy. It does that based in Cabeçalinho, São Nicolau, Cabo Verde. There is a beautiful orchard of abundance being created based on permaculture principles and agroforestry.

The foundation is going to share knowledge on permaculture and entrepreneurship with the people from São Nicolau, visitors and guests. Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centred around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.

Horta Boa Vista has a diverse landscape, one that will evolve and create change over the years.  The focus of the foundation, initiated by Maria Do Sameiro Joia and Siemen Cox, is agro-ecology systems regeneration with its cascading affects into equitable social systems and thriving local economies.

The foundation will achieve her mission through sharing knowledge for free with the locals and showcasing the power of permaculture on Horta Boa Vista. It also achieves the mission through our focus on giving people back environmental literacy through education.

There will be a close collaboration with the local partner ORAC. ORAC has a history of sharing  knowledge through trainings and workshops on São Nicolau.

Through this ground work in varying projects and education programs, the networks spread, like mycelium in a bag of spend coffee grounds. Patterns inspire us, a passion burns for lighting a spark for others towards biodiversity, and we aim to give resilience back to our interconnected ecosystems.